Tuesday, January 1, 2013

just a little update

I always worry when I follow health based blogs that go silent, that the writer has died or their disease has progressed or some awful thing like that. because when you're dealing with a serious disease, those are the places your mind goes.

So not that I think people are sitting around all worried about me, but I just wanted to write this in case anyone was.

I'm not writing in my blog as much because I've found it to be unhealthy for me. When I first got sick this was a great sounding board for me to discuss my life and how much it had changed. But now it's been 6 years and I've remained relatively stable. I've undergone 2 surgeries with general anesthesia, and one with local. I moved across the country, the cat I had for 14 years died, I got a dog, I've gone through lots of massive life changes because of this disease and some massive life changes that had nothing to do with it.

Point being, I've adapted. I don't freak out when I flush or get hives or get tachycardia anymore. It's part of masto life. But if i sit down to write about "bridget as a person with mastocytosis" i have to sit down and think about having mastocytosis, and that really doesn't help me in either the present moment or in the long run.

So for now, I'm going to be quiet. but it's a good thing.