Friday, July 25, 2008

this is something we can all relate to, ill or not.


Mark said...

That's the most useful, illuminating and instructive hour and a quarter I've spent in a long while. Inspiring, yes, and also a timely slap in the face for those days I just feel flat and sorry for myself; those days when I allow mastocytosis to disable my spirit as well as my body. I can only dream what it must be to live such a life as Randy Pauch has lived - but of course, that's the whole point: it's up to each and every one of us, irrespective of circumstances, to live the best we can.

Bridget said...

completely...what really struck me was that even in later interviews, he still had this air of peace about him that i found absolutely inspiring.

i think even if we don't get to experience all of the amazing things he did, so much of our lives is in the telling or how we choose to view it...we might not all get to meet captain kirk or work for disney, but that's no reason to not try to find similar joys in the things we do.

Mark said...

I agree - much food for thought. Thanks for posting the film.