Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vanishing Spots?

Over the past few days I've noticed that a few of my more prominent UP seem to have vanished. I don't know if this is the result of getting sun or something more nefarious going on. I have to admit I have not been feeling my best, but I think the insane New England weather is probably more to blame than the disappearance of a few spots.

When I had my tryptase done in May it was I think 2 points higher than it had been the previous year, and my urine histamine was -way- down. Due to these results, Dr. Castells felt that the chances of this turning aggressive were slim to none. I only bring that part up because I have read many conflicting things regarding spots and whether their presence is foreboding or positive.

I've got an appointment to see Dr. Castells on the 11th so I will obviously be going over this with her since it is very curious to say the least. I'm still new enough to masto that I have no idea if this is commonplace or not.


Kim said...

i have TMEP "spots" and mine "fade" when I'm doing well...or better than normal...but come back with a "flare"...however they are never gone...but, mine seem better in the sun...but i've come to the conclusion it's because of the tan skin...they just "look" better

Bridget said...

that's interesting. I don't know if my spots are tmep (i don't know anything about it honestly) but while some spots do fade on me, a few just up and vanished. it could be the sun, though i don't get a ton of it.

Kim said...

mine was ID'd TMEP by biopsy, it's pretty rare....i don't get much sun either :(

Jeanne said...

sun exposure definitely causes some fading, at least for me. stupidly, in my 20s i would go to tanning salons in an effort to get my spots to go away. now i am dealing with abnormal moles and more visits to the dermatologist than my other doctors combined.