Monday, September 15, 2008

not a pleasant day at all

i was in a car accident this afternoon. We were stopped at a toll booth, and the woman behind us seemed utterly unaware that either there was a toll booth or a car in it, so she slammed into us.

We are both relatively ok, but I dont know if the shock of impact or anxiety set
me off rather badly. Tachycardia, impending doom, gi symptoms, obvious increase in vasculitis on my stomach, my up were more was terrible. That's all before dealing with the pain of the actual accident.

Ended up in the Brigham and Women's ER to make sure i had no skeletal damage (since I have osteoporosis and all) and it turned out the resident dealing with me, while not having SM, had UP! I thought that was sort of random. He also had some lovely tattoos which made me jealous. who knows, maybe in a few years.

So now I'm on a 30mg course of prednisone for the next 4 days to avoid "latent anaphylaxis" as per Dr. Castell's orders.

So my questions:

1) Does it seem incredibly odd that a car accident would set off a mast cell episode? We were hit pretty badly from behind, so my whole body lurched forward and slammed back into the seat. I don't know if it was the physical or emotional trauma, but within minutes I could feel my heartrate accelerate, my bp drop, and my stomach get very

2) How do y'all tolerate prednisone? When I took my first dose in the hospital, I flushed in my chest (which seems to be where I always flush).

3) Is a 5 day course of 30mg prednisone common to ward off this latent

To say the least that has been a dramatic downturn for the day. It's been a while since I've been in the ER, and didn't really want to be there for shocking due to car accident since I already knew to avoid those.


Emily said...

I am so sorry to hear that and I'm relieved that you weren't hurt worse! I would fully expect that any kind of traumatic event would set off an episode since everything I have read lists "STRESS" as one of the most common triggers. I would say that a car accident is pretty high up on my list of stress inducers.

Kim said...

so sorry....hope you are feeling better.

Kevin said...

Very sorry to hear about your accident Bridget. Like Emily already pointed out, STRESS is a major trigger for me. I've been known to go into full blown anaphylaxis shock from high stress situations. Prednisone for me always helped reduce the flushing. I don’t see how prednisone is going to ward off anaphylaxis, this may not work for you but I take Xanax as needed when I’m heavily stressed out and feel an excessive amount of anxiety this seems to really help me ward off my attacks. Main thing you have to remember is everyone is so different, meaning what works for me may not work for yourself or anyone else it’s trial and error mostly.

Anonymous said...

something as small as a comment that hurts my feelings will cause all kinds of crazy symptoms. a car accident would probably put me in bed for days, especially if i had to stress over an injury or even the headache of dealing with the insurance crap.

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