Tuesday, December 2, 2008


before the holiday I was telling my psychologist how optimistic I was about things. I had the driving down, new psychiatrist, things seemed cool. Ever since Friday I've been shocking on and off. Right now it seems the most likely culprit is my husband (haha!) as he was sick for a week and chances are I picked up his cold (I guess I have some swollen lymph nodes and my right ear is inflamed) and the cold/virus/whatever is causing my mast cells to get all up in arms.

Soooo I'm on Atarax until this calms down. Atarax is very soothing, which is really needed since I was experiencing some serious tachycardia during my attacks...and tachycardia is really really scary, and of course anxiety leads to more tachycardia which leads to...you get the picture.

so that is where things stand for me.

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