Thursday, April 30, 2009

a request

one of my doctors told me that this exercise can be comforting for patients undergoing procedures without analgesics, so i figure what the hell. since my procedure doesn't require painkillers (though most patients do opt for them) we're going to try for no painkillers and light sedation/meditation to see how i do.

they told me that i should tell people to send me good thoughts tomorrow, especially around 7:45am EST, since that is when I will be going in for surgery. apparently the simple idea of people caring about you, or the fact that you are thinking of them caring about you, can provide a great deal of comfort and fortitude. Obviously I am a little dubious, but i'm also scared as fuck so i'll take what i can get.

so yeah, 7:45amish tomorrow. me and my kidney would appreciate it.


Tricia said...

You can handle this. You seem like a very strong woman, and your experience with the BMB was like nothing. I know surgery is a scary thought, but try to stay calm. Just know that you have touched others with your words and creativity. You have helped me so much in understanding our disease. I always look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you so much! You'll be fine don't worry:)

Bridget said...

Tricia, thank you so much for your words of support, i cannot tell you how much they mean to me.

Emily said...

I didn't see your post in time, but will send happy recovery thoughts your way now, and hope everything went smoothly.