Monday, September 7, 2009


So what are you planning in terms of this fall's flu season since it's apparently going to be harsh? Getting the shot? Not getting the shot? Fill me in!


Anonymous said...

not getting it, and i dont want my 1 1/2 year old to get it either. I never had anytype of flu shot but I hardly ever get the flu anyway. Wait... I might of had the flu a few times per season. I just probably never notice because of this stupid masto problem.

Peter said...

I'm going to do a little research about it and probably get it.

I've gotten the flu shot the last few years because I've had jobs that exposed me to many hundreds of people in close proximity on a daily basis.

With my new job that number is in the thousands-per-day, and thus it's an even better idea.

Bridget said...

peter - you damn well better get the flu shot if you plan on hanging out with me :p

(i'm kidding)

Kathy said...

Im not sure what to do. In the way past, the flu shot gave me tingeling and dizzy spells, so I deemed myself allergic, and then I discovered this Masto and put the two together. However, this H1N1 scare kinda has me concerned. Does my immune system need both the shots, or could it be more of a disaster for me? Im hoping this question will be rmpant at the annual conference, and maybe we can get more answers.