Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Article on Lindenhurst

my town has a website!

So yeah, my the town I grew up in is essentially under water and many people still don't have power, there are 3+ hour waits to get gas, people are breaking into houses under the guise of being members of "utility crews",  a lot of gas stations are inoperable, a lot of banks are refusing to open, ATMs are running out of cash, it is a bad, bad scene... Some areas are under strict curfew with the national guard blocking off streets, other areas are full of looters and vandals. LIPA is a fucking joke with tens of thousands of people still without power, since a lot of boats were destroyed some people have lost their livelihoods, shellfishing has been halted, Add in the fact that it's getting colder, daylight savings time is ending, and there's a nor'easter predicted for Wednesday and it's a pretty bleak picture. And that's just my town, which fared better than Long Beach where the sewage lines and water lines have been damaged and are now mixing resulting in non potable water and sewage coming up through drainage pipes, tubs, etc.

Usually for my birthday I ask people to donate blood or to the TMS, but this year I'm asking if anyone is so inclined, to please donate to the red cross disaster relief NOW (as opposed to January). (for the lazy text RED CROSS to 90999)

Another problem is that tons of houses were destroyed. entire portions were ripped off, roofs severely damaged, cars are on  roofs, boats are in  livingrooms, it's insane. If you are so inclined and have the time, The rebuilding effort is going to be huge

here is a list of ways to help if you're in the tri state area

if you like people more than animals you can donate to the humane society disaster fund

I'll post more ways to help as I learn them

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