Friday, June 19, 2009

oh hey

so i am definitely going to be giving a brief presentation at this year's TMS conference in New Jersey. I will be speaking along side a doctor on how to survive a bone marrow biopsy. Reading the speaker list is sort of intimidating as it's all doctors and then me.


Gypsy Princessa said...

What an incredible opportunity to share your experiences with a community of people, who largely, are on the other side of the bone marrow biopsy ordeal.

I know some people have a not too bad time with the whole thing (the fear going into it seems to be the biggest hurdle) but I know that sedating me completely was THE best thing in the world for it; and managing my post procedure pain. When you're faced with a patient that reacts to the local freezing and painkillers, I guess this is the best route to take? I know doing the bmb with a small amount of xylocaine (that still set me off) was nothing short of torture.

I these things get easier the more that you have?

Anyway, congratulations in being invited to share your experience!!! Someone obviously thinks that your experience is valuable...and it is.

Foxxy One said...

I'll be there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a note for anyone getting their first bone marrow biopsy. My mom had her first biopsy several months ago. The hemotologist/ oncologist said it would be simple because she is so thin.He wassn't well educated in masto, though every patient is different. When he started the biopsy and got into the place he needed to be, there were so many mast cells he had an extremely hard time getting what he needed.

Kim said...

Good Luck!!