Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have osteoporosis (whoo) and to date I've been avoiding taking calcium as I wanted to let my body acclimate to new meds. That said, what would -you- dear readers, recommend?


Peter said...

The trick about calcium supplements is how much 'elemental calcium' is listed in the ingredients. This is the calcium that your body can actually absorb.

Supplements can be broken into two categories: Calcium Citrate (which doesn't require extra stomach acid to absorb and can be taken anytime, but contains less elemental calcium) and Calcium Carbonate (which does require extra stomach acid and is best taken after meals).

IMHO, Calcium carbonate is generally the best supplement (containing the most absorbable calcium). But is a little less convenient since it must be taken after meals to be effective. Some pills also contain magnesium and/or Vitamin C to help aid absorption.

Calcium gluconate/lactate - these supplements tend to contain lower levels of elemental calcium

Dolomite/Bone Meal/Oyster Shell - May contain lead or other heavy metals. Ewwie.

Coral Calcium - Just a gimmicky calcium carbonate that costs more.

Bridget said...

i <3 your authoritative voice

claire-bear said...

Hi Bridget, I also have systemic masto and osteoporosis as a result.
I take calcium, but also take vitamin D to absorb the calcium.
My understanding is that the body definitely needs the extra vit D when you have osteoporosis.
Next week I'll have another bone scan, hopefully with good results.
Take care,