Sunday, January 6, 2008

exhaustion continues

I have good days and bad days (though every day includes at least 60+ minutes of rapid walking, I may start tracking my exercise here), though almost always tired days. Every medication I am on has some sedating properties, and when you add them all together, I'm one sleepy B. I think it's exacerbated by pms (which I don't get, I just get tired, possibly pre menstrual anemia)

I'm on a few mailing lists for people who suffer masto, and I have been seeing posts of people trying to unload one of the medications I am on. Of course they are being smart (and ethical!) by trying to find people either without insurance or whose insurance doesn't cover it. My husband and I nearly ran into that, but thankfully we have one of the branches of BCBS that covers it. His company was recently bought out by a larger company, and while our benefits will remain the same for the next year, I am concerned what next year will bring. A new plan? One that doesn't want me because I would be rolling over with a preexisting condition? I believe there is a law that forbids that as long as the person has remained insured, but that could change.

A few weeks ago I watched Sicko by Michael Moore, and was really horrified at how much more convoluted and fucked up the healthcare system was (and I already don't hold it in high regard since it took around 5+ years to get my diagnoses, during which I had doctors tell me, "there is no way you could be so sick and yet do so much"-in reference to my having a job, to ER nurses implying I was malingering) It just freaks me out and makes me sad to recognize how "lucky" I am, living in one of the greater medical cities in the world, with a husband whose company happens to have really good benefits. It puts a dent in our bills, which are already really steep.


Joe Tornatore said...

the hectic holidays don't make it any easier either.

Bridget said...

you're totally right, the holiday season is wearing in general. mine goes like this:
husbands birthday->thanksgiving->christmas->my birthday so it's just one thing after another.