Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm being a little selfish!

I've had a couple people mention "hey your birthday is coming up, and it's a big one what would you want?", which is neat and appreciated since i guess 30 is sorta a big one, and honestly, the fact that I didn't go insane during 29 is also pretty big (to me). To that I guess I can respond with 5 things

1)a friend of mine was in a pretty terrible accident earlier in the winter and is going to be needing some help. their wishlist is pretty fulfilled, but like I said when this happened, donating blood is always awesome and something I wish I could do, but really shouldn't. Some doctors say it is ok, some say that it isn't, and the lack of clarity makes me feel uncomfortable with any risks the recipient might have as a result. This i something that will haunt me until I get a firm answer since I have pretty rare blood (I don't carry CMV antibodies which most of the population has, as somehow in my 30 years I've managed to avoid every single strain of any herpes type virus, which sadly makes my blood very valuable to hiv infected patients and premature babies needing tranfusions) I really can't afford to donate more to their cause than I already have, what with the not working and my own rather large medical bills (insurance doesn't cover all my treatments, and we have to go through this long and tedious reimbursement process). So yeah, that's the big one.

2) the always my exciting amazon wishlist

3) mix cds. i love music, i love my friends, the two combined seem to make a lot of sense, especially as I really can't afford to go out and buy music with the same voracity that I used to.

4) as always, donations to the mastocytosis society are always pretty keen. Everyone has already been incredible in this regard, but the more money raised, the more resources available for people suffering this disease. I'm lucky in that I live in an area where there are a lot of specialists and resources available to me, other people, not so much.

5) Donations to the American Heart Association. My dad suffers from heart failure, mast cells play a large role in heart failure. Totally selfish, but whatever. It's my birthday, I can be selfish.

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